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More “Where Thoughts Lead Us”

June 21, 2012

There’s been quite a bit of discussion concerning the last blog post “Where Thoughts Lead Us” so I thought I’d add a few thoughts to what I’d said in the last post:

Yes, the woman could have been calmly assertive in a non-threatening way and checked out  her interpretations with her colleagues and that may have resulted in some minor shifts in the group dynamic towards egalitarian behavior. Fine. But that’s not the path that leads to holiness, which is the only path worth walking upon. I repeatedly tell my spiritual children that evil can never be destroyed with evil, but only with goodness. In the Christian life, we are rightfully concerned about injustices to others, but minor injustices to ourselves can be opportunities for spiritual growth and self-knowledge, in which case according to the Fathers, such as Saint Dorotheos of Gaza, we should be grateful to those who slight us, as to our benefactors, loving them even more than those who honor and respect us.  The Gospel is radical. The Cross is folly to the wisdom of this world.

Here’s the quote from St. Dorotheos of Gaza:  “Therefore, we know about God that He loves and shows pity on His creatures, and also that He is the source of wisdom and knows how to govern everything concerning us.  Nothing is impossible for Him, but everything is subject to His will.  We must also realize that everything He does is for our benefit and we must accept it with thankfulness…as from a benefactor and a good lord even if is troublesome.  For everything is done with right judgment, and God, Who is merciful, does not overlook even the smallest sadness that we suffer.”

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